Monday, 15 July 2013


Hello and welcome to my new blog! 

My inspiration was this article, which was popular on the BBC website a few days ago and which you can find here:
I read it, and two things sprang to mind:
1) The £1/ meal rule-of-thumb had already occurred to me a couple of years ago, and
2) the know-it-all that I am reckoned I could probably do a better job than this article did...

And once the idea had occurred to me, I kept obsessively returning to it over the next few days, mentally making lists of the recipes I'd include and playing around with snappy titles - generally while doing far more scintillating tasks like the ironing.

Having recently graduated (and therefore with slightly more time on my hands than I am comfortable with, at least for a few months), I thought this blog was worth the gamble - mainly because if it fails, nobody will notice. Win-win. 

Cooking became more than just baking variations of fairy cakes when I started uni - there followed much-mocked meal plans, and some inventive (if not always delicious) creations when the cupboard and bank account were looking bare (least successful combination: fish fingers, noodles and ketchup. Do not try this at home). 

I saw it as something of a challenge to experiment with limited ingredients on a budget, generating the minimum of washing-up along the way. I began to develop a healthy skepticism (some may say disregard) for recipes with exotic ingredients that I have to Google before fruitlessly searching for in the supermarket! Hence the title of this blog - my recipes will be simple, economical, healthy-ish, and use ingredients that you typically buy on your weekly grocery shop. Hopefully the results will also be tasty! 

This blog won't be exclusively recipe-based - sometimes there will be tips I've picked up about student cooking for one, or feeding many on a budget. Sometimes there will be a theme or a project, but basically it will be an eclectic mix of my musings. Your tips and suggestions are welcome. 

Let's go!